About this Kishan guy

Who am I?

My name is Kishan Wanigasinghe and I’m from Sri Lanka. Now, I live in Columbus, Ohio and I work for Fusion Alliance (Formerly known as Quick Solutions). I love beers, bourbon, console gaming and travelling.

What do I do?

I’m a full stack .NET developer certified in Sitecore. I’ve worked with multiple technologies and frameworks (you can find the full list in LinkedIn). Aside from work, I usually have a side project or two where I get to learn about new things (see my Github).

Last summer, I was fully invested in learning about Arduino and pi3 and how I can use those to control my RC car using a computer. It was fun haha! Lately, I’ve been learning about browser web workers and how we can use web workers for existing web site. I’m also learning about Google SEO guidelines.

Where to find me

You can find me on GitHub, Instagram or on LinkedIn. Add me on any one of those and drop me a message. Thanks for stopping by!!!